segment of America that’s sick and tired of government not working as it was originally designed
This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

Sadly, just like the association of all Muslims to ISIS is wrongly painted, the same is true to all Republican. Is not just a segment when the vast majority of Republicans feel the «same» way.

Actually, this sounds like a letter from a Muslim person apologizing for ISIS. If we were to use the same comparisons, you are no different than that «segment».

It is sad what is happening to Republicans. But come on, you guys allow the cheating to happen. You guys don’t adhere to the law of the land when it comes to gay rights. Look at how many Republicans States have passed laws fighting the Supreme Court ruling to simply deny Gary Rights to people. Voters ID laws to deny minorities their right to vote. Gerry angering, Abortion…etc.. Etc.

The outcry it’s happening. Republicans will only see the white house when War happens again. The party of Fear. It is not the party by the People and for the People. Citizens United? Really Republicans? Really? The constitution starts with « We the People» Republicans forgot what that was about.

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