How to reach a million dollars in the crypto economy?

Feb 28, 2018 · 4 min read

Ask any financial advisor this question will get you the usual yadda-yadda answer: “If you save so many dollars for this many years you will have a million dollars.” This advice usually comes with some investment product that will help you reach your goal. What they don’t tell you; that it is possible to make the same million in many other ways.

Cryptocurrency systems built on Blockchain technologies offer one of the simplest channels for the average person to reach a goal of a million dollars.

Take for example, the pizza delivery for 10 000 bitcoins; if you were the gentleman that bought Laszlo a pizza in New York, you would’ve spent about $50 with your credit card, and received 10 000 bitcoins for it. Now, this happened less than 10 years ago! That same 10 000 bitcoins are about $100 000 000 worth today!

Unfortunately, we lost out on this opportunity… or did we?

The beauty of the crypto world is that there are literally hundreds of these coin offers launching every day. Many are raising funds by selling their coins so that they can develop the system that they committed to in their Whitepaper (a plan explaining the proposed development process of a business).

A great deal of these opportunities have a low value “buy in” to participate. One of the smaller capitalisation coins offered their coins at $0.00001 per unit. Within a month of the coin going live, the price reached $0.01 (100 000 x the value when it launched) — a crazy growth in price value, which is only possible in this industry! Say for instance, in this scenario, for you to be able to make a million, you would’ve had to buy 100 million of this coin at the initial coin offer — this means that you needed $1 000 to buy 100 000 000 coins of $0.00001 each.

The question is: How long are you willing to wait for a $1 000 to reach $1 million? Most individuals will probably never see this kind of monetary value from their investments in their life time — the majority of people have less than $400 000 in their retirement fund (which is the sum total that they have saved throughout their whole working life of 15–20 years)!

I would like to add that this is not an investment advice article. The purpose of this write-up is to reveal the power that the new economy has to distribute — wealth to many people. When you’re evaluating the many opportunities in the Blockchain economy, consider also all the risks associated with every new offer you find. Many bad participants and fake offers are also circulating the track of actual bona-fide opportunities. Thus, you need to do your usual checks to ensure you are participating in the real deal and not a ghost offer that will disappear as soon as it reaches his goal.

We, at Cubebucks, have been developing a model for the digital currency market that addresses some of the failures disclosed by the current options.

For a start, any coin with value has this value only because others are willing to pay the set amount for it. If nobody wants to buy the coins, then the value of that coin is essentially zero. To solve this, we developed an asset allocation model that has a percentage of all the coin sale proceeds being invested in a fund, that guarantees all coins ever sold to the open market, with a buy back guarantee.

We also eliminated the need for mining as a transactional verification method, and instead focussed the confirmation process to a consensus node model. Rewards are therefore not generated by transaction confirmation, but by the fact that a value in coins is held for a period of time.

We invite you to assist us in developing this next generation system to serve the digital economy.

We need 1 250 people to support our project with a $1 000 each for Round 0. It will provide us with the necessary means to complete the hyper-ledger based system that will bring the power of cash, to the internet!

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