Distributed ledger technology could allow car sharing companies to easily keep track of who is using their vehicles.

The sharing economy is on course to be worth $335bn by 2025, as consumers take on an Airbnb mindset and realise they have thousands of pounds worth of assets just sitting in a loft or parked on a drive waiting to be hired out.

And it is an idea that is gaining traction with car drivers. By 2024 Global Market Insights estimates the P2P car sharing market will be worth $11bn. …

Peer-to-peer car sharing: avoiding the hidden risks

Economical, accessible and private, car sharing is fast-becoming a popular means of getting around comfortably, for those who find it more convenient to borrow a car rather than own one. In fact, 6 million individuals are already using communal cars and that figure will top 18 billion by 2025.

But for peer-to-peer car sharing to become a reality, a secure solution is necessary to protect users from payment fraud and ensure their cars are not damaged or stolen.The best answer is a mix of connectivityand immutable blockchainsecurity.

Processing payments safely

Fundamentally, peer-to-peer car…

Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Reduce Road Fatalities

Car manufacturers are competing to bring autonomous vehicles to the general public because, simply put, it is big business. However, one of the key benefits is road safety and the potential to save a large number of lives.

It’s estimated that up to 300,000 lives per decade will be savedin the United States. Governments around the world are paying attention to figures such as these and therefore are generally agreeable to autonomous vehicles in their local corner of the world.

However, will these figures actually be met? Let’s consider why autonomous vehicles are…

The autonomous car industry is moving at a rapid pace, and the implementation of full scale autonomy is closer than you might think. Technology that provides benefits to society and an increase in the share value of a company tends to get adopted very quickly, and autonomous vehicles will follow this trend.

However, what will the world of connected and autonomous vehicles actually look like? The answer might surprise you and seem like science-fiction. But if you were to describe the internet to the average person on the street 100 years ago, then that too would have seemed like science-fiction.

We have an update! Last Friday on March 16, 2018, Mr. Chris Lee, the CEO of OKEx and CUBE’s Chairman Dr.Bong Lee held a 5-hour one-on-one meeting.

Mr. Chris Lee considered CUBE as one of the most successful companies and visited South Korea to discuss various cooperation plans with CUBE.

You can find the link containing OKEX’s promoted advertisement about CUBE here.


The Cube Intelligence Team

You can now follow the price of Cube ($AUTO) on Live Coin Watch and keep an eye on the AUTO price wherever you are.


For more information on Cube please visit www.cubeint.io


The Cube Intelligence Team

London, UK (March 13th 2018) — We are proud to announce that CUBE (AUTO) is now available for trading on HitBTC, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchange. HitBTC, the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange with more than $290 Million trading volume on average, is operated by HIT Solution Ltd and based in Hong-Kong.

The official trading pair at the time of listing is:


With the HitBTC listing, Cube expects a wide group of people in the global cryptocurrency market to have access to the Cube’s AUTO coin, and hope that more people will be interested in Cube’s project on…

This week has been one of huge excitement for the Cube Intelligence team and its contributors.

Today saw the culmination of months of work on their hugely successful ICO campaign, with the Cube (AUTO) token going live for trading on the OKEx platform.

Cube has also announced today that they have signed a contract with the Korean Ministry of Transportation. Cube is selected as one of the autonomous car research institutes and is contracted with the Korea Ministry of Transportation agency for 4 years. They will be performing a research study on “the safety evaluation technology of the autonomous car”

We are excited to announce that our first exchange is OKEx, one of the world’s largest exchanges.

Cube & OKEx are together! Visit OKEx’s homepage here:


The schedule is as follows:

  1. AUTO deposit — 19:00 Feb 28, 2018 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
  2. 2. AUTO/BTC, AUTO/ETH, AUTO/USDT spot trading — 16:00 Mar 1, 2018 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
  3. 3. AUTO withdrawal — 18:00 Mar 2, 2018 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)

Latest News

London, UK (February 23rd 2018) CUBE Intelligence, a company developing an Automotive Car Security Platform, performed its airdrop of crypto tokens this past Wednesday following an immensely successful ICO campaign. Aiming to also be the primary cryptocurrency for the automotive industry, CUBE began its Initial Coin Offering campaign back in November 2017 and this year they have captured the imagination of a huge number of contributors. …

Cube Intelligence io

Solving The Problem of Autonomous Car Security

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