Case Study: EWA app for iOS & Android

The project

EWA makes learning words from your favorite shows and movies easy
and fun. Since we spend increasingly more time with a smartphone in hand, EWA was created as an iOS and Android mobile app. The app empowers you to improve your English competency anywhere, anytime — even on an airplane, with offline mode.

With EWA, users can practice a list of words taken directly from the subtitles on the screen. Once the words are mastered, users can resume their program in the original language. EWA frees you to enjoy watching your favorites while enhancing your language skills.

The challenge

English-learning programs are everywhere, and each has its own 
learning approach. EWA is different.

Working closely with our client, we successfully created a completely novel approach to learning English. The result? An elegant and efficient application which allows users to practice English words while watching shows and movies.

After analyzing the features of the most popular services on the market, we developed our app with a flawless UX and UI design and a truly unique style, setting EWA apart from its competitors.

Character creation

EWA’s name is inspired by a charming, girlish image. Following discussions with our client, we came up with an eye-catching character for a one-of-a-kind product.

Our vision for the character’s appearance underwent many changes. We even flirted with the idea of female alien features. After a weeklong brainstorming session, we limited ourselves to the essentials. 20 sketches later, we were down to 8 favorites.

Bringing EWA to life involved color drawings and compelling thematic illustrations.

Design and Layout

Design: While perfecting the brand, we were simultaneously designing the app’s interface. With wireframes successfully completed, we began work on visual presentation. Motivated by EWA’s individual style, which combines visual appeal and user-friendliness, we didn’t limit ourselves to following apple guidelines.

Main screen: Not 100% satisfied with our first mock-ups, we insisted on multiple iterations until perfect harmony between functionality and appearance was achieved. We tested the final design on smartphones, and our client was impressed with the way we emphasized different learning units.

The friendly EWA offers to help practice previously learned vocabulary.

Rewards: EWA is powered by the user’s personal motivation and overall English knowledge. When learning goals are met, the user can boast rewards and achievement points which appear on the screen.

Functional: EWA equips users to learn words taken from the subtitles of whatever they’re watching. You can learn the script’s vocabulary with EWA’s distinctive and entertaining five steps.

First step — choose the words you don’t know.
The learning process begins. Here comes the exciting part: each successive step is a little more challenging.

During the design stage, we emphasized the interface’s interactivity. It wasn’t enough for EWA to be beautiful. The app also had to be intuitive and responsive to the user’s gestures. Clicks, taps, selections of word cards, and animated transitions between screens had to be effortless, dynamic, and fun.

Users can track their progress and add more words.

An essential component of the design was the presentation of, and access to, multiple windows. We outlined attractive thematic graphics for showcasing linguistic mistakes, informational messages, and overall scores.

Thanks for checking us out! Next time, we’ll tell you all about how the stunning visual effects on our site are powered by webGI technology. 
Stay tuned.

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