One thing

One thing I know for sure

is how I have loved you as always

and I will love you for ever

But sometimes even love can’t fix everything

because we can’t stop life from changing

the world from evolving

Til one morning, when we wake up

We realize we don’t need each other anymore

and it feels okay

Funny it is, how it used to be between us

how I thought I can never lose you

how I believed in Forever and Always because of you

Now the unexpected finally happens

I realize it is just life

it is just for the best

as what we are having is already the best from now on

There are so much I want to apologize to you

I’m sorry

I will always miss what we had

You will, as always, be the soft spot of my heart

where I hold our sweet memories

gently and tightly

We won’t be as close as we have been

But I just want you to be happy

to be protected

to be safe

to be loved

And that is good enough for me

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