Catapulting your company’s Digital Transformation

Today, Zoho / Salesforce / SugarCRM are some of the most popular business softwares in the global arena. Their user base is raising at a tremendous magical pace. So, obviously, you are one of those CEOs / CIOs or a person in-charge for a division like an Operations Manager, who is now at the crossroads. Over the last seven years, we have helped hundreds of companies think through this decision. We have expert ‘Thought Partners’ on board who work with you with the true intention to lead you to the right solution tailored to your business needs. I think it’s time I reveal the secret sauce we use in the decision making process.

1 . Identify the stakeholders

Who are those in the business who will be using the system, rather, administering the system that you are going to buy/build?

2. Come up with a budget

When I talk to key decision makers, I realise many of them don’t have even a ballpark of their estimated budget. This becomes key in outlining the plan for your digital transformation.

3. Pin down your KIAs

What are the Key Impact Areas (KIAs) in your company? Of course, it is the dream of every CIO / leader to transform the entire company. However, first steps first. So I would strongly urge you to come up with the top 3 KIAs that impact your company the most i.e. those that would add the most value when digital transformation is applied to them

4. Define your Change Management Plan

Change means resistance. There will be resistance from your team, from your peers. Resistance doesn’t immediately mean you need to back off. You need to approach resistance the Zen way. We will discuss more in the next post.

5. Play the Champion

You are the one who’s heading this. So you be sure of what you are doing first. Project that confidence. Say it loud and clear ; to your peers, to your team. Keep talking about it in your meetings, coffee breaks. Utilise every opportunity to capitalise that momentum and drive the change.

Be the champion. Be the change.

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