Thanks to everyone who contributed! Unfortunately, we haven’t reached the hard cap. There are several possible reasons for that. The ICO market is now unstable. This has been driven by a number of factors including uncertainty around regulation, falling crypto market prices and, of course, disillusionment in the previous ICOs…

Dear Airdrop and Bounty Program Participants, this announcement is intended to inform everyone of our plan to release our ERC20 token onto the blockchain.

We would like to inform you that now we are preparing to deploy our smart contracts to implement token disctribution. We expect to start the process 2 weeks after the end of the ICO. We will post more updates later.

Thank you for supporting our project!

What are we up to these days? We want to keep you in the loop about the project. We are actively working on developing a blockchain online workshop where you will be able to create characters and programs and CuboStore where you will sell and buy customized educational content. At…

We are happy to announce that the Cubomania project has passed the criteria to be listed and rated on!
Cubomania ICO score is 9.8 out of 10! Also, 2 members of our team have successfully gone through the KYC verification. Here’s the link to our profile

Register now on and buy Cubo while we still have bonus tokens available! And, of course, we’ve got special bonuses for big investors! Join now!

Join our Telegram chat and ask questions about the project and the token sale:


Blockchain-powered online platform for creation and distribution of personalized educational content

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