Final Blog Migration Reminder

This post goes out as a final reminder to all the bloggers who would want to migrate their content to Wordpress. We will be discontinuing support for Cucumbertown post March 31st 2017. For more details on migration, check out our migration guide here.

As of 1st April 2017 onwards, recipes and user details from blogs on Cucumbertown which are not yet migrated to wordpress will be transferred and migrated to recipe sharing service “Cookpad”, operated by Cookpad International Ltd (Parent Company). For those who do not want to keep it that way, please send an email to expressing your intent and we will do the needful.
Default Migration: CT -> Cookpad

Cookpad is a free recipe sharing platform. Your recipes will be safe with Cookpad and you can continue your cooking journey on this new platform. Please reach out to us to know more about the Cookpad migration. We are always happy to help!

Cucumbertown Team

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