John DeVore

Actually the binary is even simpler than that. Males who despise every aspect of their gender and can’t wait to be turned into parasitic useless females (such as yourself), and those who want to live autonomous lives, not dictated by a massive feminist cult of parasitic piranha-like morons (such as yourself). A cult, mind you, that was developed in response to another cult (fundamentalist Christianity) and designed to oppose the infestation of people who get a little bit too uppity in interfering with the lives of individuals whilst hiding behind a massive cult of non-contributing a-holes. But you wouldn’t know anything about the actual binary, seeing as you take communion with the airhead emo zombie horde every day. You got them fundamentalists beat, son. But here’s the thing… YOU do NOT represent my gender. You are not the authority in MY species. You are a failed human being. You are pandering and pathetic. You want to get laid by failing to be a man. You are cancer. You are what is wrong with this species, and it will only get worse as long as people like you keep spouting your mouth off. And I suspect you know that, but you’re doubling down because so far it’s not working, and you’re pretty sure some guy out there is to blame. Wake up, chowder-head. It’s a cult of hopeless people who demand paralysis across the board, and you’re drinking the poisoned kool-aid.

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