Stop Asking What The Women’s March Is “About”
Shani Silver


I march because I’m perpetually scared, but also annoying. I march because I want to demonstrate that I can be scared and egotistical at the same time. I march to show little girls, like the one I used to be, how to be a purposeless cunt in public, despite maintaining NO credibility, having NO unmet needs, nothing to actually complain about, and have bubbling up inside of me an unjustified sense of entitlement the size of Trump Tower. I like to say I can “do anything”, over and over and over again, but I’ll never “do anything” positive for anyone but myself, and certainly not for men, or for society, or even really for myself. I’m comfortable just being a really annoying parasite, and as long as those I feed off of are uncomfortable, I feel like I’ve done my job as an egotistical parasite.

I march because I hate men in general and in particular one man because he said something that allows me to shame him, and because denying the purpose of my genitalia, despite being pretty much the only redeeming facet of my existence, makes me feel artificially powerful. I march because fighting a war of attrition by destroying myself from the inside out seems like the only thing I can think to do to get back at men for overvaluing me, because I am the most overvalued object in the history of the universe. And it offends me that I should have to pay for my abortions.

I march because I am a sexist pig and it makes me sick to death thinking about losing the opportunity to watch a fascist female pointlessly and relentlessly break men’s balls every day just by being a self-entitled arrogant cunt parasite at the top seat of government.

I march because my mother was an egotistical cunt parasite, and her mother was as well. If they can feed and clothe cunt parasites, the least I can do to honor their sexist delusions is get off my fat ass and join a crowd of cunt parasites who all know how to annoy the shit out of people in public.

I march to be a cunt to the President of the United States, to Congress, and to show them that they can’t stop ME from being an egomaniac, and I will never stop trying my best to annoy the shit out of everyone I know. And if they can stop treating me the way I act and the way I both naturally and deliberately fail to accomplish anything positive for the human race, and instead treat me like the goddess I presume myself to be, then I will be happy to condescendingly abuse them until they shrivel up and die. Until then, white women will surround ourselves with every flavor of parasitic cunt there is, and rake every other demographic into the hatefest that come from PMS to sexism to outright hatred of the thought of a white man being happy without me dominating him.