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Oh my god they’re all twats

I attended the (virtual) CloudNative eXchange recently, and have put down my thoughts in this article, so that future me, work colleagues and anyone else can get a good overview of the conference, and have convenient access to the presentations.

There were a few common themes across the talks. The…

A BDD framework to round trip Excel Customer Tests to C# NUnit Tests specialized to numerical/analytical contexts.

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The problem

BDD involves focusing collaborative work around concrete, real-world examples that illustrate how a system should behave. The examples are executable as tests and can be understood by the whole team (programmers, testers, business…

This was the second RES Code Kata, where Software Developers, Analysts, Data Scientists and Power Plant Optimisers all get together to practice coding. Everybody was working at home this time, so the whole thing took place on Zoom, using breakout rooms for each pair, and a main room for group…

No naked primitives is an optional constraint that we use when programming in our Code Kata’s.

All primitive values, such as booleans, numbers and strings must not be part of the public interface of a class or module. This avoids the Primitive Obsession code smell.

Data structures such as arrays…

Writing code always invovles trade offs, and there is always a balance to be struck. To help our programmers make good decisions, we provide the following high level advice:

Initially code should be written quickly and simply, and should be easy to understand.

It should solve only the current problem…


We recently had our first RES Code Kata, where Software Developers, Analysts, Data Scientists and Power Plant Optimisers all got together to practice coding. We were spread across 5 locations and 3 countries.

In our day jobs, we are often in a bit of a rush, and tend to do…

RES has an annual staff survey, and cares about the results. One of the lower scoring questions related to “making decisions at the right level”, and we realised that there was little guidance for what decisions programmers were empowered to make.

A previous article explored the importance of programmers making…

Lengthy refactorings are difficult, and often fail, whereas small refactorings are usually easier and succeed. Teams should encourage programmers to continually make small scale refactorings in order to avoid large ones.

Only programmers can make small scale code decisions

At RES, we are lucky in that our Product Owners and Managers are highly technical. My manager started his…

Medium is an exceptional service, and has revolutionised blogging. Hosting articles and finding an audience is ridiculously easy, and no maintenance is ever required. Reading on Medium is a pleasure, and I have discovered a multitude of insightful articles since joining. …

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