Ecommerce Retargeting Company Analysis: Perfect Audience

Ecommerce merchants convert 2% of their first-visit shoppers into buyers. One solution to this problem is retargeting, a cookie-based technology that uses Javascript code to anonymously follow your shoppers once they leave your site and surf the Web. As they travel around, your retargeting provider serves ads to them.

Retargeting can raise conversion rates and ROI, but the degree to which it does so depends on a number of factors, some of them rather sophisticated. To help maximize their efforts a number of ad retargeting companies now compete to help eCommerce merchants and marketers. One of the top retargeting companies is Perfect Audience.

Perfect Audience has created a retargeting platform that’s feature rich but simple to use. So simple, in fact, that they offer a five-minute quick start guide that can get you up and running in, well, five minutes. They offer a range of options for eCommerce stores using third party platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, or 3dcart. And they can retarget across Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and by product.

How does Facebook retargeting work with Perfect Audience?

30% of US ad impressions occur on Facebook. Using your audience data, you have the opportunity to own what your customers are looking at. Perfect Audience and Facebook use anonymous cookies to place ads, providing access while preserving privacy. Perfect Audience can retarget shoppers who visit your site and don’t purchase, and when that shopper leaves your site you can retarget her on Facebook. Similar to AdRoll, Perfect Audience offers both standard Facebook ads and the ability to retarget in the Facebook news feed.

Perfect Audience Mobile Retargeting

Time spent on mobile devices is now greater than that spent on the desktop, 51% vs 42%. In addition, the average mobile app churns 80% of its users. As such, mobile retargeting is gaining in importance for retargeting. Perfect Audience enables you to advertise across all the major app platforms in high traffic areas, and its easy to use dashboard provides all the data you need to maximize your retargeting campaigns.

Dynamic Retargeting on Perfect Audience

By enabling the serving of personalized ads, giving your shoppers a more intimate, personalized ad experience, Perfect Audience claims it can boost your click rates by 200% to 300% and ROI by 200%. It offers dynamic ads in banner formats or as Facebook sidebar or News Feed ads.

eCommerce Success Story with Perfect Audience

American Apparel is one company that found great success with Perfect Audience. Its eCommerce business tried Facebook ads but weren’t happy with their results. Consequently, they switched to the Perfect Audience platform and saw astronomical increases — a 400% increase on ROI on Facebook retargeting, a 20x return on ad spend, and no dip in conversions from other ad sources (meaning all the revenue growth was from new customers).

Retargeting can deliver cost effective branding, reduced cost per impression, better conversion rates, and improved ROI, but platforms can be complicated and expensive. Perfect Audience is very simple to use — it has a large knowledge base with concise manuals, quality guidelines, video tutorials, and dynamic ads — and it comes without a setup or maintenance fee. It’s a popular choice for small businesses with tight budgets, who want to take advantage of online advertising and retargeting without spending a lot of money.

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