How to Boost eCommerce Sales This Thanksgiving Day

Although the holiday shopping season begins earlier each year, the real action begins on Thanksgiving. One half of all holiday shopping dollars change hands on Thanksgiving and during the following week. This is true for both in-store and online shopping. According to the Adobe Digital Index, last year shoppers spent $1.7 billion online on Thanksgiving, an increase of 25% over 2014. Average order value was $162, a 9% increase.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were both big also, with online shoppers spending $2.7 billion (+14.3% percent over 2014) online on Black Friday, and $3.1 billion (+16%) on Cyber Monday. A big chunk of all these sales originated via mobile; on Black Friday there were $905 million in mobile sales (33% percent of all sales) and Cyber Monday $799 million (26% of all).

Below are five Thanksgiving tips for eCommerce marketers looking to boost online sales on Thanksgiving and beyond.

1. Boost Ecommerce Sales On Thanksgiving via Mobile

Mobile sales have grown over the years, especially during Thanksgiving; 40% of all online sales last year (a year-to-year increase of 24%) came from mobile devices. Be sure to optimize all your pages so your site is ready for the holidays.

A great many customers begin their research and buying journey on mobile devices, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Smartphones are the mobile device of choice for Thanksgiving shopping, with 47% of online shoppers using smartphones versus the 14% which use tablets. Nonetheless, make sure your site is mobile ready for both.

Learn how to boost Sales with mobile retargeting.

2. The Best Ecommerce Websites Are Built for Speed

Shoppers want instant load times and easy navigation in online stores. The best eCommerce websites give it to them. Make sure your page load times are short; three seconds or less is optimal. According to Aberdeen Group research, immediate website response maximizes conversion rates, and every one second delay in page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.

You can increase your conversions by 7% by just optimizing your load times for each page. This is a huge increase in sales so be sure to have your site ready for high traffic during Thanksgiving. Check out this great article from Crazy Egg on optimizing page load times. Also, test your site at google page speed insights for suggestions on how to boost your speed.

3. Boost Online Sales on Thanksgiving by Using Email Workflows

Email is the most important way eCommerce merchants reach their customers. But the process can be time consuming, and difficult to manage. As a result, email marketing is increasingly being automated, via the creation of workflows. Email workflows are essential for automating your email campaigns. They simplify the creation, order, and management of all the messages you need to send to customers — to offer them deals, keep your brand in front of them, and remind them to complete purchases.

In fact, reminding them about abandoned carts is an essential workflow your company should absolutely implement. Approximately 66% to 75% of all customer shopping carts are abandoned. Don’t forget about these customers; this is a lot of easily gained revenue to miss out on. They’re so close to checking out that offering them a discount or free shipping might entice them to complete their purchase. Other workflows should be implemented during the holidays such as, Customer VIP, Thank You Emails, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, etc.

4. The Best Ecommerce Websites Optimize Their Product Pages

If you’re looking for ways to boost sales, think about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), and a great place to start are your product pages. Optimizing your product pages is an absolute must at holiday time. Our recent blog post on optimizing product pages gives you great tips on how to properly optimize your site. Start now and test your pages before the holiday season begins. Doing so, and performing some of the hacks we recommend in our post almost guarantee your conversion rate will rise dramatically.

5. Ecommerce Platforms That Prioritize SEO Will Shine At Thanksgiving

Search Engine Optimization plays a key role during the holiday spending. You want to land at the top of Search Engine Rankings Page lists so customers will click on your pages before looking elsewhere. The top listings on Google receive about 96% of all clicks, so make sure you do some keyword research and use them in your descriptions.

Another great SEO tool is User-Generated Content (“UCG”). Customer created content such as reviews and social media posts is a great way to raise visibility. It also helps you convert sales due to trustworthy reviews from peers. Take a look at these ideas for UGC that can help boost sales.

This is the time of year when a few good weeks can put merchants over the top for their annual sales goals. If you’re an eCommerce marketer and you want your share of this year’s sales, now is the time to get active. The five tips above will get you started.

If you have special holiday marketing tips that you would like to share, please take a moment to tell us about your experiences in our comments section.

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