How to Make the Most of Green Monday

Green Monday, the second Monday in December, is the second biggest online shopping day of the holiday season, and the biggest in the month of December. Last year, Green Monday sales surpassed $1.4 billion, and that number is expected to increase this year.

For online retailers Green Monday provides a second bite at the apple after the huge shopping week that immediately follows Thanksgiving — a chance to reassess and improve on their strategies, pressing their successful tactics and jettisoning their failures. What should you focus on for Green Monday? Below we discuss some important areas.

Market through All Channels

Your competitors consider Green Monday just as important as Cyber Monday and will be treating it that way. Most merchants are marketing across all channels to maximize visibility on their promoted products. 70% of U.S. retailers plan to market Green Monday offers via email, home page offers, search engines, and social media. Be sure to have all your campaigns ready for Green Monday so you don’t miss out on potential customers.

Take a look back at your Cyber Monday results and revise accordingly. Also, retarget any shoppers who have abandoned their carts; you have a lot better chance of converting them while it is still the holiday season than you do after the champagne corks pop on New Year’s Eve. Think about whether you have any other obvious customer segments you should retarget before the end of the year.

If You Didn’t Offer Free Shipping Before, Do It Now

Competition grows more fierce for customers as we get closer to Christmas. If you don’t usually offer free shipping, now is the time to at least temporarily change your policy. It removes that one last hurdle in the selling process. 87% of all shoppers claimed to have abandoned a shopping cart this year due to the cost of shipping, and 78% of them usually choose the least expensive standard economy shipping option.

According to various studies, free shipping increases sales revenue by 10% to 20%, and in the long run its benefits outweigh its costs. If you don’t offer free shipping, make sure you’re very clear upfront about the costs and delivery dates of your options, as well as your return policy.

One last interesting tidbit: 67% of shoppers want to be offered an expedited shipping option at a reasonable cost, but only about 16% of them will use this option.

Follow the Leaders

As usual, eCommerce industry leaders are the most innovative in coming up with ways to make shopping days seem new, special, and unique, and Green Monday is no exception. Amazon is focusing on technology for Green Monday (as part of its “12 Days of Deals”), and Land’s End, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi’s are offering whopping 50% discounts on items. Walmart, too is offering Green Monday online sales, with cheaper prices than on Black Friday.

Many e-tailers are promoting Green Monday by using variants of it in their deal codes. This link has great ideas you can implement for your eCommerce store. Industry leaders are leaders for a reason. Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from them.

Did You Get Your Mobile Share?

From Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday last year, 58% of all traffic to online stores was initiated from mobile devices. This will hold true throughout the holidays leading up to Green Monday. Green Monday online shopping statistics last year tell us that smartphones and tablets accounted for 27% of the day’s online sales.

Last year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday mobile shoppers spent $1.7 Billion, roughly 30% of all online sales, mostly via smartphone. If you find that your mobile traffic and sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are less than they should be, try to determine what the problem is and fix it in time for Green Monday and the remainder of the holiday season. Make sure you’ve optimized your store for the smaller screens of mobile devices, and your load times are under four seconds.

Green Monday gives you a chance to learn from both your successes and mistakes, and refine your store, strategies, marketing, and processes in time for the final stretch run to the end of the holiday shopping season.

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