Info 200 Response to Software UI Design

The three articles all introduced different principles in UI design. Some principles are introduced multiples times in these articles. First, “consistency “is emphasized by all three of the articles, which indicates the importance of consistency in the software ui design. Being consistent can give user a smooth experience. Elements with related functions should have similar visual expression. Even elements that are opposite should also consider that opposite relationship in the design process. Consistency Makes user feel the overall flow is clear and easy to follow. “Keep user in control” is mentioned twice. User feel most comfortable when they are in control of the software. And we as designers should not take away their control. We should try to make the design intuitive by being consistent and and avoid confusing design and surprising results. “Clarity” is another principle appeared more than once. Designers need to remember that users are new to the product. And being clear about what is the product’s function and how the function works is really important because that’s how to provide a pleasant experience without heavy cognitive load for users.

Evernote is my favorite application in terms of design. Its design fits the principles mentioned above. First, the icon in the menu are in similar style and this gives user a consistent feeling when using the app.

Menu of Evernote

And the whole layout is very clear. As the picture below shows, from left to right is “menu”, “recent notes”, and “current note”. And inside current note is a simple note-taking page without too many fancy functions to distract me. This simple and clean design makes the app very clear about its function and I never feel confused. Besides, this clear design makes me feel I’m in control of the app. I know exactly where to click to be directed my wanted page or function. I know how every function can do for me. These feelings indicate Evernote also followed “Keep user in control” principle.

Screen shot for the overall layout of Evernote.
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