How CUJO Protected Clement’s Home From Hackers

This is first in our series highlighting how our customers use CUJO and how it protects their home. Clement originally posted in our Facebook group when CUJO blocked hacker attempts trying to access his cameras. We reached out to him to get the story.

Who: Clement, Technician at a flight-training center that houses 15 flight simulators.

Where: Toronto, Canada

Number of CUJOs: One

Life Before CUJO

Like the majority of people, Clement also believed himself to be part of the population unaffected by hackers. Without any IoT security solution in his home, he was blissfully unaware of attempted hacks and threats on his network.

Before I purchased CUJO, I was not taking any security precautions to secure the connected devices in my home. All that I had was my router which is why CUJO was a much-needed addition to my home. -Clement

CUJO to the Rescue

In November of 2015, Clement was surfing Indiegogo campaigns and stumbled across CUJO’s page and decided to give it a shot.

As soon as his order arrived, he quickly set it up and patiently waited to see if any malicious activity was happening on his network.

I set my CUJO up in bridge mode because I have 11 IP cameras in my home and I need port forwarding in order to access them outside my house. I bought a refurbished WiFi router and disabled the WiFi but kept the DHCP server running and put it in front of CUJO.

Only three weeks after installing CUJO, Clement had already seen multiple threats successfully blocked by CUJO.

About a week ago, CUJO blocked an attempted hack on my IP cameras! Someone tried to hack into my Cameras and CUJO blocked it. A few days later, there was another threat detected on my Synology NAS which CUJO also stopped.

Life with CUJO

I definitely feel much safer with CUJO in my home; I wouldn’t have even known my privacy and security was at risk or that someone was trying to attack my cameras before CUJO. — Clement

We continue to hear so many great stories about how CUJO helps people find peace-of-mind when it comes to online security .

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