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There are a lot of parts in this article that I totally agree with, however, I do not agree with the overall message. I believe that I do not commit to something unless I tell my say to commit to something. I am definitely not a balancer. So by default I am an abstainer. I also agree that you need to focus on a subset of your goals to be able to achieve anything.

However, I do not believe going 100% is the right approach. You can not eat sugar at all for a number of days, but what happens when you fail on that one day. This desire of trying to reach perfection is abstainers biggest weakness. Life is made of imperfections. When we are trying to reach a certain goal, we need to understand that we might hit a break wall somewhere. And when we do crash — depending how “fast” we are going — it will not be pretty. What we abstainers need to learn is to ride those waves of “crashes” so that we are better able to handle the impact or slow down enough to mitigate the impact.

Now do not get me wrong, I do agree with a large part of this article. I just think we need to define what 100% commitment really means; never failing or try even after you fail.