Don’t Be Afraid to Dive Into The Deep

Hard = More Time is Required….

My journey to becoming a Front-End Developer & UI/UX Designer led me to enroll in my second HTML/CSS Course as part of my prework for The Iron Yard. I enjoy HTML coding. It is straight-forward and the syntax is limited and standard until you add CSS.

Just watching my webpage come alive with all the new CSS techniques I just learned was really fun until I got to CSS Positioning. “The Box Model” got me really bad. I was so frustrated I lashed out at everything within reach.

Then I said to myself, CSS Positioning is so hard, when will I master all these CSS Selectors and learn how to place HTML elements exactly where I want them to go on my webpage?

After I calmed myself down with some banana bread and a chilled cup of texas honey lemonade, I was able to think straight again.

  1. Nothing is really Hard. Hard simply means it requires more time. Most times, I don’t want to spend that extra time needed to master the hard things. I prefer easy because easy is a no-brainer. I’m learning to embrace the hard things and create more time to learn them.
  2. Focus on what you need today, save the rest for later. Information overload is a major cause of distraction and being overhelmed these days. I’m learning to master the knowledge I need to get my web projects completed and build a repository of information I can leverage later when I need to tackle new challenges.

It not as hard as you think if you spend some more time working on it. Focus on what you need and save what you think you might need for later.

Hard + Focus = Focus Hard!

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