How It All Began

Start from the beginning…

Once a upon a time, I used to live on “Someday I’ll”, an island in my mind where I spent a lot of time fantasizing on things I like to do “someday” or at some point in my life.

I enjoyed taking long rides on the island; and whenever I was ran out of gas, I would stop at a gas station called “Procrastination” and fill up my gas tank with “Excuses”.

I was vaulted off the Island early this year when I decided to learn Javascript Programming at The Iron Yard. I was fully pumped in my new location with no need for excuses because I switched to a new gas station called “It’s a Process” and upgraded to premium gas called “Commitment”.

After, I got accepted at The Iron Yard, I received an email with a very long list of pre-assignments or pre-work which is due first day of class in May. Part of my pre-work was to sign up for a Medium account and start a software blog that catalogues my entire experience learning Javascript Programming at The Iron Yard. Well, That was “The Vault” my friends!

I always dreamt of starting a blog when I was at “Someday I’ll”. Infact, one of my mentors — Vivian Jokotade, actually created one for me and encouraged me to blog regularly but I abandoned it after a couple of months because it wasn’t important to me so I made all kinds of excuses for my inconsistency.

Oh how she laughed at me when I told her I have to blog on a weekly basis for my program at The Iron Yard. Yep! she said those words “I told you so”. That is how I started writing and posting articles on Medium. If I wasn’t vaulted out, I’ll probably still be living in “Someday I’ll”.

If you choose not to be motivataed by the person you can become, then you can wait until you have to be that person either to save your life or as a requirement to get to the next level in life. Motivation is real people! Whenever it becomes important to you, you will make time for it; just like I do now with blogging.

It’s tough for me to journal my experience in learning Javascript because sometimes I don’t know what to write about and I’m still a newbie; other times i’m in the flow and I’m able to draw out life lessons from Javascript. Nonetheless, I keep writing because it’s now important to me.

So in case you read any of my technical posts or code blocks don’t be surprised; I am just fulfilling my program requirement. Hopeful this habit of writing will stick long after I graduate from code school.

Long Live Software Bloggers!