Naked You Came, Naked You Return!

Here, take my expertise, I don’t need it on the other side…

Nothing is yours I told my 3yr old daughter as she frantically yelled “its mine, its mine” while dragging a toy from her 5yr old brother. It’s amazing how possessive we become after we move into this space called “Earth”. Have you ever wondered why babies are born naked?

When a tenant moves into a apartment, the landlord provides basic amenities. The tenant moves in with belongings; and at the end of an un-renewed lease, the tenant moves out with belongings but not the landlord’s amenities. The landlord of the earth has furnished it with all that is needed to sustain human existence. You moved in with “Nothing”, and when your lease is up, you move out with “Nothing”.

So if we move in with nothing and move out with nothing, why are we so possessive with the knowledge and expertise we acquire? Why do we second guess ourselves and shy away from sharing our knowledge? why do we hoard information, and experiences that can be beneficial to other people? Why do we not see the value in replicating our expertise in others?

One of the ways to replicate expertise is by Mentorship. It is typical for inexperienced professionals to chase after experienced professionals in order to establish a mentor relationship. This can most times be an uphill battle.

“What if the tables were turned and experienced professionals took interest in inexperienced professionals, chased after them and established a mentor relationship for a change?”

It’s much easier to work with a guide than trying to navigate the treacherous part of learning a new profession or programming language. Mentorship is like having a GPS that directs you because it knows the right path to get you to your destination. You learn from mentors mistakes; they help you stay focused on what matters; and they tell you what to ignore so you can achieve your goals. They provide clarity as you journey along in your quest. They save you a lot of time- time you probably could use to hone down your skills.

You can either talk about leaving a legacy or you can start today by immortalizing your expertise through mentorship. Find upcoming professionals in your field and make a commitment to mentor them. Trust me, you have what it takes. Besides, you don’t need the knowldege on the other side so you might as well empty it here.