Seeing The End From The Beginning

It’s Possible!

I had the opportunity to attend “Demo Day” at The Iron Yard Houston last friday. Demo Day is graduation day for all enrolled Iron Yard students. Students in the Front End and Backend Programs graduate after 13weeks of rigorous programming coursework.

On Demo Day, each student gets to set up their own computer station and showcase the final project they have been working on for 3weeks straight. You get to pick your project topic what you work on as your final project. It was amazing just going through each station and seeing what these students produced after 3 grueling months.

I was so proud and excited for them. A lot of them had zero programming knowledge when they started the program; so seeing the fully functional web application they created was beyond words.

What they had accomplished gave me hope, comfort and confidence. I said to myself if they could do it with zero programming knowledge, I too can do it. I was so pumped after the event because all I imagined was me at “My Own Demo Day” in my station, all setup, and ready to show the world what I had accomplished in 3months.

Seeing their end from my beginning helped me believe that It’s Possible. As I stay on the grind and spend 6–9hrs a day pouring myself into this new programming language I am commitment to learn, I am now certain that:

  • The end is real.
  • I will see the end.
  • I will complete my journey because It’s Possible!

The end is possible when you look to others who are walking the path you plan to walk.

Long Live Wogrammers!

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