The End of the Beginning of My Life as a Front-End Web Developer

The First Day of the Rest of my Life…

It’s September 8th, 2016 as I sit on my bed and write my first article as an official Front-End Web Developer. The words I hear loud in my head are the three words you hear after you finish a marathon or you complete a grueling task — “I made it”.

I completed my Front End Engineering course at The Iron Yard Houston. The feeling of finishing is amazing! It was very exciting to start. The first 2weeks were a breeze for me until I hit a road block coupled with all my responsibilities as an Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Team Lead, and the list goes on.

There were so many distractions just like in a marathon. People cheering on the side, people quitting the race, others walking, some running. It took a lot of focus to finish the course. I had to remind myself why I was learning to code. My why gave me strength to pull through when my mind couldn’t go any further.

I’m thankful for the support system I had both on TIY campus and at home. They didn’t let me quit even when I had a major mental block in understanding React JS. Nothing is hard, it only takes more time to learn. This proved to be true after I spent more time with React JS.

In a couple of weeks, I write about my journey through coding bootcamp, the highs, the lows and everything in between the curly brackets. The lessons learned, my mistakes and the wonderful relationships I established through out the course.

This is the end of my fresh start journey to learn how to code but it’s the beginning of my life as a Front-end web developer. I feel empowered, valuable, pumped. The ability to create an idea into an actual product is a powerful feeling. Watch out world, I have the power.

With all the power comes the challenge of focus. What’s next for me, what should I focus on?, Should I dive right into finding a job?, should I use my super html/css/javascript powers to rebrand my business completely? should I dive deeper into learning and building relevant applications?

Who said variety is the spice of life? I say it’s the beginning of the battle between focus and distraction. For me, I declared September my soul searching month to figure out what my next steps will be. I am positive I will gain clarity, momentum and the focus I need to move on to greater things.

I definitely learnt how to focus on one thing at at time and finish it. It’s better to have few finished projects/products than hundreds of unfinished projects/products. Finishing is always better than starting because anyone can start but only the diligent finish.

I celebrate my progress so far and the fact that I am a “finisher”. I’m totally amazed at the woman I have become from this experience and I’m excited to relive the past 13weeks of code bootcamp through writing.

It feels good to be back to writing after 13 long weeks!

Long Live Wogrammers!