Older Adult Faces CAN Change Shape, And It’s Not That Hard

LEFT: Day 1 MIDDLE: After 1 year of practice RIGHT: 15 months; Changes like this are not supposed to be possible after the age of 25 due to the fusing of the facial bones. Maybe that’s just because nobody ever tried?

Disclaimer: This is my story. I am not a doctor. This is not intended to be any type of medical advice.


The object of this article is to point out that —

  • yes, changing your Facial Structure after the age of 25 is indeed possible,

I am extremely satisfied with my results, at age 36.

The key to my rapid and profound transformation, I believe, lies in the power of habit stacking, which I explain below.


Little known and less talked about, although we’re learning now (thanks, internet):

Faces can change shape in two ways, and I’ve experienced both.

1. FACES CHANGE: Slowly, over time.

My face shape benefitted greatly from a Palate Expander when I was about 10 years old.

By the time I was in my 20’s, my face was square, with cheekbones in place.

Over the span of 7 years, however, my face took a dramatic turn for the worse.

It seems to have lengthened, while getting narrower.

And crushingly, my square jawline appeared to have been sliced away with a scalpel, producing more of an oval face shape.

LEFT: February 2013 RIGHT: February 2019

How did this happen?

Basically, I stacked a bunch of insidious habits together, and gravity did the rest.

The complex of habits (according to me — this is not meant to be hard science, just my story) that ruined my face are:

  1. Improper breathing

Unfortunately, I did not catch the fact that my facial bones were eroding until I was age 35.

I say unfortunately, because some smart people have stated that facial bone structure can be hard to alter without plastic surgery after age 25.

The common wisdom has it that:

Meanwhile, proponents of Facial Shape Change point out that even though, yes, it may possible, it could be a long, slow process that occurs over a long time period — a common timeframe being 10 years.

So before you settle in for the long-haul, or reach for the surgery, consider this:

2. FACES CHANGE: Rapidly, If The Right Conditions Are Met

One of the chief proponents of this technique, Dr. Mike Mew, claims to have started his facial transition in his 30’s, guessing it took him maybe 10 years.

I was able to get extremely satisfying results within 15 months, from February 2019 to May 2020.

So the question is:

What did I do differently that could have propelled me so quickly?

For me, I reasoned that there are a few puzzle pieces, that if arranged right, can produce the maximum best results for our facial shape.

The face, after all, is made of not just bones, but skin and muscle as well.

I knew of research by the Weston A. Price foundation showing that diet and chewing hard foods can effect facial shape.

I was also aware of the studies that had been done linking hormones to face shape. (1 and 2)

So my logic was simply this:

If the stacking of bad habits could ruin a face — even after age 25 — could the reverse be true?

In my experience, the answer to this question is yes.

The results of stacking positive behaviors / reversing negative behaviors is what I believe to be the secret sauce for rapid transformation.

Also, it helped me address the following issues:

  • sleep apnea

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