Appreciate little moments in life with “La Fête” solo exhibition by Sylvia Ong

The morning breeze, the evening twilight and the urban’s rainbow color of fluorescent lights. All these beautiful little things you tend to forget to appreciate are always representing the heart and soul of everyday life in the city we live in.

The end of the year is approaching fast. We could not help but looking out of the window, spending my time to reminisce about our life events, who came and went away like a storm and who stay in every moment.

Some memories are vague but some are dazzling. In rush time, whether to clear a huge pile of works or meeting hundreds of people, people tend to forget to appreciate the beauty of his or her surrounding.

To appreciate every little things in life, it is something people in the big city do not have. This inspire the Malaysian artist “Sylvia Ong” to compose her arts. La Fête is an abstract expressionism acrylic painting set of arts smeared on the canvas.

Sylvia, the petite and polite artist, had an interesting take on her life. She used to work in the giant advertising agency and retained an exceptionally high position and high salary. However, she found herself in the void. She realized that this is NOT the happiness she is looking for. At that crucial moment in life, she started painting and from that point onward, she fell in love with her new found ability. From that day, 8 years has passed, her life turned upside down. She transformed from white collar office worker to a full-time artist.

Time after time, she was pressured. She felt like her works were overlooked, were immature when compared to other illustrious artists. But it was her passion to communicate with people through her arts that drive her forward. She endured and practiced with firm belief.

Sylvia is now residing in Bangkok, the grandeur capital of Thailand along with her beloved husband, Marc, who move from Singapore to work and live with her. With his love and understanding and her passion for painting, Sylvia decided to hold her first solo exhibition “La Fête” at Kalwit Studio & Gallery (Near BTS Ploenchit). With support from the New Yorker Art Curator “Sacha”.

Each piece consist of colorful wavering patterns. The patterns that remind you thousands of memories of things you have encountered and you might have forgotten. A piece of her work can remind you multiple things and that what fascinate the audience.

The true beauty about Abstract art is “You have to create your own meaning.” It is always right and there is nothing wrong with your comprehension. You can just take a look and nod or go a little above and beyond. Just let your imagination runs wild.

The piece I like the most at La Fête is the centerpiece in red color tone. The canvas is being smeared with paintbrush and it was represented with such beautiful ferocity like people dancing around the bonfire.

And ‘The Lady and her friends’ is another good piece. The blue-tone art that remind me of my long lost friends.

There are many more pieces waiting to be explored. What Sylvia gives us is dreams, hopes, opportunities to seek your soul and let your imaginations appreciate things you miss.

Talking about The Lady and her friends… Laughter and weird gags, I missed those moments with them. I wonder what are they doing now.

Let me pick up the phone and start calling them…

La Fête, an exhibition you should not miss.

Opening hour : 10:00 AM — 6:00 Tuesday to Saturday

Duration : Now — 22 November 2019

Location : Kalwit Studio & Gallery (BTS Ploenchit, Novotel Exit)