Are You Addicted?

This display is was made with the ongoing concern of public health. As a college student its hard to eat healthy while also remaining to stay within a relatively low budget income. Its also come to a point where students will nonchalantly buy foods, ultimately thinking its healthy for them in some way because of a certain “low diet” labeled on a products packaging.

Close Up

The display composes of: sugar (granulated) to look like cocaine on a mirror, crystallized sugar in dime baggies, spare baggies, an ash tray, questionnaires, a box to put those slips in, and ironically a box of candy as an offering for participating with the display. It was displayed in the UCCS Library for two days; once the display was checked, it overall definitely had interaction.

Front Library Display

The questionnaires asked people about their personal favorite candy, if they had eaten some or would eat some later on that day, and if they would still take a piece of candy after interacting. Luckily I know some interacted with the table because 17 responses were receive along with an empty bucket of candy. All in all i believe its good to have a small addiction to sugar, but there should be a line drawn when it comes to food.

Overall Display
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