Are You Misunderstood?

By Alyséa Gomez

Are You Misunderstood? is a project that I wanted to bring introverts, Extroverts, Ambiverts together to see if they believe the misconceptions about introverts and if they feel misunderstood by others. As a introvert people mistake my silence as rude, or think I’m antisocial. Some introverted traits seem to be ingrained. Others are a result of the culture we live in. For example, many introverts have learned to cope with constant over-stimulation by putting up a wall. This leads people to believe that introverts are cold, or distant, but this is not our true nature. The natural qualities that most introverts share are a love of soul-searching, a need for solitude, and a slower, more focused communication style.

So my project included a Poster board, questions on a paper, and a box. I setup in UCCS’s Kreamer Family Library. I was going for libraries because they are quiet and comfortable. What I wanted to gain from this project is knowing that I was not the only one that felt misunderstood and what other’s think of introverts. And for other’s not to misunderstood introverts by the misconceptions.

Questions I asked
Outside of the library
View of the project from the entrance
close up
The poster board wasn’t as clear as I wanted. It’s a bit hard to read.

The responses that I got from the box were mostly from introverts. Some of the responses had a little bit of humor, and honestly I could relate to them. I feel like the people that responded were being themselves. Most of them agreed the misconceptions about introverts. Their definition of introverts were similar as well. I did get a few extroverts and ambiverts that also have similar responses of extroverts.