Michaela’s Third Zine: The Kind of Things Said

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For my final installment in my “That Shit I Hate” zine series, I created “The Kinds of Things Said.” A zine dedicated to the discussion of micro-aggressions, or as I put it, the kinds of things said that are socially ingrained in people that they don’t realize can be damaging. Just like you don’t have to scream “I hate Asian people” to be racist, there are things we are taught that we don’t have to be politically correct and that everyone is “too sensitive.”

I created this zine in mind of things said to me in the past that I didn't realize were upsetting me until I was older and learned about social justice. In the comic, I look to the people and fictional characters that inspired me then and now to guide me on how to respond with the knowledge that I have now.

I really wanted to leave these zines in the places where people made the comments to me but as some of them occurred in other states or countries so I had to compromise with Colorado Springs. I placed them at waxing salons and the mall in relation to body images comments, the weightlifting area in a gym and nail salon for gender role and sexist comments, and a local Korean market and a restaurant for racist comments.

My goal with this zine was to bring awareness of these small moments that can really impact someone’s life. People can complain about free speech all they want, but their free speech can mean infringing on someone’s existence.

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