Notes 2 Unite

by Maniyah Hart

Notes 2 Unite is a project based on spreading positivity and uniting the community to come together. I was inspired to do this project through my own experiences, being a freshman in college. As a student at UCCS, I live in the dorms and constantly have to make walks down to my car in the parking garage and also to class. While in between this time of walking, I see about 200 different faces a day, only few of them had a welcoming grin back to the smile I sent their way. Other than being ignored by my surrounding peers, I’ve also struggled with observing how closed off my fellow dorm mates are. There is hardly any sign of a helping hand when you are struggling to open the door with the amount of groceries you have! So I designed this project to offer my kindness to others, whether they need it or not. Many students segregate themselves from anyone who could be considered a stranger; stranger means danger! In this case I’m pushing the boundaries to show that not every different face means potential danger and to encourage others to open up to the world around them.

I made 4 sets of little note cards that contained s special message due to the situation I approached. With each person I stepped up to, I explained that I had a message made especially for them, and would either stick around for a conversation or mysteriously slip away from their view.

Card 1 (left) Card 2 (right
Card 3 (left) Card 4 (right)

I took these cards and went to various locations that vary from the grocery store to parks and coffee shops. I basically tried to give them out at any time I could. While I also left a select few to be left for the public to find on their own.

A small notebook was used for me to takes notes on the people I had encountered at the places I had gone to. On the back of these cards I placed an email so if someone had more questions on my project they could contact me there. Overall I have approached 30 people with these cards. Overall I’ve been to around 25 different locations to test out my project.

Notebook (total of 3 pages)

It was rather difficult to document the people that I approached because I didn’t want to cross any boundaries without asking first and causing too much delay in someones’ day. Overall many people responded positively rather outspoken or not.

Luckily I was able to approach some other students who lived in the same dorm as I do.

Meeting other students in the dorm

After meeting these other students, they told me how much they appreciated my project because they have experienced some of the same issues around campus and are planning to help spread more positivity. I hope that these notes will spark others to reach out of their comfort zones in order to help grow and change for the better of themselves and society.

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