Should Have Said It Sooner

By Shanah Leaf and Nicole Blough

Remember back to when it was exciting to get a letter in the mail? Now-a-days our mailboxes are filled with bills and junk. Do people send personal, hand written messages any longer? Would you be willing to take that risk and send something personal and special? By taking the time to write a few simple words, you could literally impact someone’s image of their self-worth. Words are so impactful and you now have the opportunity to say something that perhaps you should have said sooner.

For our collaborative artwork conducted through UCCS as art students, up-and-coming artists really, we invite you to write and send one of the following to whomever you choose:

· A memory

· Let someone know of the impression they made on your life

· An apology

· Make a reconnection with an old friend

In your letter you will find:

1. One uniquely designed envelope addressed to you

2. One blank and stamped envelope for you to design

3. A written letter from the person who sent it

4. These directions

What you need to do:

1. Write your letter. This can be short, long, funny or sad. Be creative and have fun! You can even send it back to the person who sent yours.

2. Design or personalize your blank envelope with an image, words, quotes, cutouts, or anything else that can be sent through the mail.

3. In your letter please provide a stamped and blank envelope and these directions for the next person. If you need a new copy, it can be found at Just click on Should Have Said it Sooner.

4. Please take the time to take a photo of the envelope you created and post it on facebook at or on Instagram, hash tagging #shouldhavesaiditsooner, @shouldhavesaiditsooner, or email it to

5. Once you are finished, place it in the mail and send it!

6. Please continue to break up the everyday congestion of mail by surprising someone with a unique piece of art and a special letter.

Please keep in mind, if you add to much weight to the envelope it may need additional postage. The address, stamp and return need to be visible for the post office to read so that it may be sent properly! Thank you for participating in Mailing Memories!