Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin: The Reality

By Marcus Wright

This is the result of a boy who wanted to be a little different than the rest of the group. Born into a low income background and attending a school with people of the like, he was brought under a strict set of rules that dictated everything around him. He was ordered to do the same thing as everyone else, dress the same as everyone else, and never talk back to your authorities because they know better. That boy thought otherwise.

One fateful day, the boy decided to rise against his authority in a name of self expression. He gathered a rally with a few close companions and dawned a particular flag that singled them out as individuals, signifying to everybody around them that they will not let anyone tell them how to live by anyone’s way of life but their own.

This story happened 8 years ago. This authority was a uniform middle school that was determined to make cookie cutter personnel out of future generations to come. That boy was me, and by wearing a neck tie and blatantly disregarding their rules, I took my first stand against society to truly be myself and not be sorry for it to anyone. And by sharing this story with everyone I come across, I hope to inspire them to do the same.

In order to truly get my message across, I chose to dawn a larger flag that drove this same message home even harder. I decided to dawn a penguin costume: faceless to represent the people a lone individual who can make the change themselves, and a penguin because the colors pay homage to the establishment I was oppressed and first took my stand. The plan was simple enough: show everyone I came across across in character what being yourself could look like in a daily setting, and how others would react to it. I aimed to represent the few that wanted to do exactly what they felt like doing, regardless of the consequences, and inspire those to follow suit.

These are my results, and I hope to see this project go even further in the future.

The Revised Version of “Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin: the Reality”