The Allowance of the Growth of an Idea

by Linda Small

To do something big with an idea — to really see it grow and develop and become something worthy of attention — is a feet of great endeavor. Even if it is as simple as “school project”, there is opportunity for growth and change, whether personally or socially. And here was one such project.

To provide the opportunity for people to leave behind there technology-driven stupor in favor of living life was intriguing. So, at first, I thought, perhaps a “anti-technology” day was just what people needed. The opportunity to come out of their caves of television and cell phone and into sun light and air. It seemed so obvious at the beginning that that was the way to go and exactly what the world — or at least my minuscule and limited world — needed.

The first thing I wanted to decide, although seemingly such a minute detail, was the name. From the many options I came up with (some of which are really just, kind of, awful) to the logos I began to draw on, it felt like I needed to achieve a title before I could go any further. Even without a decision, knowing that the title was one decision away meant I could move forward.

So, there I was with an ideal and a hat-full of titles and little else. So I began to process where and how each part would happen. Deciding where on campus I would use was part of it. Would I place “agents” at each area or just suggest the using of my project to the public by leaving it vulnerable with a sign. Also, which of the many ideas would I actually supply for the students and passer-by’s to do. I had many — picnicking, board games, card games, yard games (think throwing a football or kicking a soccer ball), writing a letter, hiking, bike riding, to say the least — to choose from. So, now what?

Now I stand at a fork in the road. I could go forward with my original plan. But after looking around our campus, spending hours thinking through the project and its implications and processing how it will impact the people who come in contact with it, I question it. But maybe there is a better way to do this project. A more personal way, perhaps. Or a more direct way. Thinking through it and talking it out . . . yet another decision will need to be made. And when I make the decision and move forward with this project, hopefully something wonderful can happen . . .

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