Uncovering Me

Uncovering me is a project that attempts to engage society to think more deeply about themselves and what it is that truly makes them unique. I personally believe that almost everything that is commonly associated as myself is an imprint of the culture in which I live. The core of originality at the center of my being is a reflection of the nature world in which I am meant to live. This project challenges others to find what it is to feel truly themselves, and where they feel that way. By asking participants to submit pictures of their sacred places, there will be a collection of photos that stands as a testament to both the beauty in the world around us, and the beauty within that can be so easily forgotten. In order to translate this idea into a physical form, I painted the bust of a doll in vibrant colors rising up out of obscurity to reflect the return of genuine self. Over the face of the doll I affixed a mirror in an attempt to incorporate a more personal element into the piece for whoever beheld it. By incorporating social media into my project, my hope is to turn this project into a documented, self perpetuating statement on the human experience.

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