Vote For ME

By Marina Atchison

The Vote For ME campaign developed out of the current presidential race where many Americans must make a crucial decision towards our next president. As many know, candidates running for president usually promise outrageous changes and will say all the right comments to earn support. This presidential election is no different; however, Donald Trump seems to be the first candidate that freely speaks his mind and values. Trump does not have many plans laid out and often speaks of ideas that are questionable. Many people I talked to would seem to agree, and at least to my knowledge, he would seem to be the worst solution for America. After following the election and watching the primaries and caucuses, I was astonished to see that many supported Donald Trump. I became encouraged to seek out the ideas of others and what they see in a leader.

The idea was then born…

I decided to create a poster board of famous leaders throughout time — good and bad — with large words saying VOTE FOR ME. I had a questionnaire that asked 3 questions: Name a social issue most relatable to you (ie. race, environment, poverty), What leader can best solve this issue?, Why?

The goal was to ask people what they see in a leader, regardless of the current candidates. When picking a leader, it is important to pick a leader that does not make promises that are hard to deliver. A leader should be made in the best interests of everyone. A leader also inspires and motivate others, but does not try to become all the things to all people. I wanted people to really think about a huge decision like this.

I then set up my project in the library..

After 4 days, I picked up the first batch of answers. There were a range of answers, ranging from Buddha to Donald Trump. I was inspired to see how diverse people’s thoughts were. For example, some felt concern for national security, and they saw Donald Trump as the answer. Another felt that women’s rights weren’t being expressed more, so they chose Bernie Sanders as the answer. I enjoyed that people all had aspirations for the future, regardless of the person they chose.

Most importantly, I learned that people choose their future. If history has taught us anything, humanity grows and learn through the positive and negative times. Therefore, whoever they choose to lead their world, it will be a change that needed to come — good or bad.

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