There is a new exchange in town, and it’s called AAX. As a relatively new player in the financial service industry, AAX uses proprietary software, that has proven to be reliant, fast, safe and able to achieve a high-throughput. It is in fact the same software the London Stock Exchange (LSEG) uses for its platform. LSEG Technology’s Millennium Exchange offers a cloud-based ecosystem that is the starting point for AAX.

AAX exchange offers both traditional finance products as well as cryptocurrency-based products. It wants to become a one-stop shop for individual and institutional investors that want to trade in various…

Huobi Global launched a new mobile app, called Huobi Lite. On this exchange, that is integrated into the Huobi Global mobile app, Huobi users can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency with fiat currency. Huobi Lite is very easy to use, it is free from trading fees crypto-to-crypto transactions are executed instantly after confirmation crypto-to-fiat transactions are executed after the seller confirms payment.

Huobi has a great track-record in being a reputable digital asset exchange, with no hacks and no drama. The latest expansion in terms of asset exchanges is Huobi Thailand, where they received permission from the authorities to…

Buy BTC at a 50% discount for eligible users only!

A recurring event, each year on May the 22nd is BTC Pizza Day. This year, digital asset exchange Huobi Global decided to make this day extra special by organizing a unique event, where loyal Huobi users can purchase BTC at a discounted rate.

Huobi Prime successfully launched on the 26th of March. Huobi Global introduced Huobi Prime, an exclusive Direct Premium Offering (DPO) platform for Huobi Global users to showcase high-quality blockchain projects. A project launched on Prime, has underwent a thorough listing process. Huobi selects only the projects it has the most confidence in to thrive in the blockchain industry.

TOP Network was the first project to launch on Huobi Prime. The first round of TOP Network’s TOP token sold out in a mere 7 seconds. Lucky investors were able to cash out and earn up to 5.5 …

Huobi Prime successfully launched on the 26th of March. The first round of TOP Network’s TOP token sold out in a mere 7 seconds. Lucky investors were able to cash out and earn up to 5.5 times their initial investment, when the token trading went live on Huobi Global. Huobi Prime is an exclusive Direct Premium Offering (DPO) platform that lists high-quality projects, on digital asset exchange Huobi Global, directly after the DPO is finished. Initially Huobi Token (HT) trading pairs will be enabled on the digital asset exchange.

Huobi Prime

The second Huobi Prime project launch is scheduled on April 16…

Recently, one of the leading financial service providers Huobi Group announced the launch of their Direct Premium Offering (DPO) platform, Huobi Prime. Huobi Prime promises early access for Huobi Global users to premium blockchain projects at reduced prices.

Huobi Group’s COO, Robin Zhu, had the following to say about Huobi Prime: “The world of digital assets is constantly evolving and changing and exchanges need to evolve with them, Huobi Prime is just one of the ways we’re ensuring Huobi Group thrives in the emerging digital asset economy.”

Huobi Prime

On Huobi Prime, projects launch in a three-part token sale, Direct Premium Offering…

In this article I wish to highlight some of the game developers that have announced their partnership with BORA Ecosystems during a meetup a few weeks ago held by WAY2BIT, the parent company BORA platform, at the DECENTRE blockchain café in Seoul. But first let’s provide a brief introduction of what BORA is all about.

Introduction to BORA

BORA is developing a decentralized platform that facilitates content providers by making it easier to connect to the blockchain ecosystem. Currently the technology behind blockchain is still very complicated to most newcomers. High development costs and insufficient technical understanding have led to many content providers…

On the 12th of December, Huobi Global launched Tezos on its digital asset exchange. From now on you can trade the trading pairs BTC/XTZ and ETH/XTZ.


Back in July 2017, Tezos raised 232,000,000 US dollars in their ICO, which initiated the project. After a long period of allegations, legal actions and other controversies, Tezos has finally been able to put the fud to bed and is now fully focused on building their product. Tezos launched their mainnet in September 2018.

Tezos is building a blockchain that is suitable for smart contracts and dApps which can be deployed on the Tezos…

In the last decade, the Internet has experienced tremendous growth. Especially social networks, games, entertainment and communication (e.g. WhatsApp or Telegram) are so integrated with our daily lives, that it is almost impossible to conceive a world without them. However, this growth has also led to the problem that all the information on the Internet is becoming convoluted and questionably unsafe. Because of this exponential growth the Internet industry is now facing a number of vital pain points that needs to be solved. …

During recent years Bitcoin and Ethereum have become household names and probably most people may have heard of blockchain technology. Even though blockchain technology is starting to become mainstream, most people still do not know how the blockchain works, let alone how to use it. There is still a large gap that needs to be filled when it comes to making blockchain technology more user-friendly.

One area in which blockchain technology can thrive is the content industry. One of the challenges being faced by content providers is the issue of copyright protection. Within our modern digital world, it is almost…


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