The Price of Enlightenment
Cici Carmignani

I appreciated reading this piece on TM and its even-handed tone while it gave lots of important references. There is a dark side of TM and I have had numerous people come to me for therapy after leaving it. I am a licensed therapist in Massachusets. I should also say that I have a meditation practice and am involved with a Jewish renewal Temple in Brookline, Massachusetts called Temple Beth Zion. There is a Jewish meditation society associated with my Temple. But the point is: no lies (honest, transparent, accountable, responsible), no information control, no behavior control, no phobia indoctrination (the world will not blow up if you leave TM and stop doing the siddhis), no emotion-stopping techniques, no dismantling of common sense.

Disclosure: I am a former moonie and am friends with Gina Catena and even put her story in my newly released 25th anniversary edition of Combating Cult Mind Control.

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