A Little Piece of Joes.

Shifting the space and spirit of a place through art and architecture.

sketching and playing
aerial view of the site (that BIG arrow is the wind — yeah, like 70mph or more)
special thanks to Shawn Hastings for preparing foundation trenches (yep, all the way to freeze line 18-34")
Arikaree River Sand
from left to right: Skip Mitchell, Dan Underwood, Ozone (dog), Rachelle Underwood, Kevin Felty, Maureen Hearty, Rich Meade
(from left to right) Nikki Pike, Kayla Weaver, Aurora Rothbauer, Sophia Mendoza, Maureen Hearty (Dalton is missing here, stay tuned))
our hats are the design of the future, purchased, of course, at a choice thrift store in denver — the ARC, who knew? the underside is tweed
from left to right: Kayla Weaver, Maureen Hearty, Sophia Mendoza, Aurora Rothbauer
sand from the Arikaree River, and clay in the bags behind
first mix by hand
then mix by feet
then flip the whole batch — we call this the burrito — repeat as necessary for consistent mix
otter pop cheers
same as bricks, really. first you mix your cob, then you ball it up — just like a snowball.
best friends — Sophia and Aurora
Sophia’s got this down.
meet Debb Behrendsen, visionary of The Prairie Walk
that’s Greg, Maureen’s Husband — navy hat | also Michael joined us today left front
did you meet Dalton yet? that’s him putting on his boots — also Rachelle and her son Dylan came around again, left and center — lovely folks.
and this is our mascot, Ozone.
We have a special guest in Joes this week to help with the build: Tom Dodds. once upon a time, Tom built an adobe house. here we are scavenging for wood to construct the arch support.
completed arch support. awesome work Tom & Dalton!
team brainstorm
this is how we make blue prints with earth building
Andy, Tyler and Kylie stop in to learn about the build.
a natural born cobber, Tom Dodds.
Kylie has the sweetest sparkly boots in Colorado! Maureen and I are hoping to find a pair in our size! Miss Fashion Joes!
Karen stopped by after Bible study. Kayla and Josh are the youngest cobbers yet!
Cob Mob or Mud Stompers OR???
guess who came back for a visit? swim suits and all. thanks Karen Josh and Kayla.
this is Marti Dodds, Tom’s sister. she spent a lot of her life as an artist and landscape architect. she is a dear friend and mentor to me. feeling special her and charles took the time to stop by on their way out east.
the Mason Family showed up and took on cob like professionals!
this is Zara! she joined us for a full week. she is taking advantage of VPO. that is volunteer paid time off where her employer supports 40 hours of community service a year. Paid! Yahoo!!
Wayne joined us all day during the Flea Market. He is a force! he’s on the Grassroots Community Center board. Very knowledgeable about local earthen materials.
meet Vicki and Karla. Karla has brought support and has visited throughout the project.
Dylan Underwood came back to chip in. quite a change from setting the foundation on Day 1.
Rich Meade, President of the board at Grassroots. broke out the guitar. What a treat! (and that brought out the other board members.)
some of the board members in action: Shane Weaver, Lori Mitchell, Terri Pepper.
Saturday was a big day! check out how much work happens when the community comes together. Joes is an amazing. people and place.
storms a brewing
my dear friend Matthew came this week with his niece Dakota. she flew all the way from Florida to have a “service” vacation.
who says you can’t have fun at work?
James Grabner flew in from Tennesee for the Black Black moto rally. he took his last day to come to Joes and cob! — and he brought my motorcycle! Yahoo!
Matt came along to visit his sweetheart, Zara. he works in Fort Collins as an engineer in river conservation.
the queen
half way there!
Zara Brussel, she got the brawt! Yum!
Matthew Rowell, get your polo on!
Dakota Rowell, expert camper.
Nikki Pike, preparing to tell ghost stories…
James Grabner, shish kabob guru and master of keeping it cool
Greg Hill, humble host, author of East of Denver, and leader of awesome rock band: The Babysitters
fire pit delivery!
Ozone, Matt, and Maureen resident lumber jackers and pyromaniacs
there’s cob, and there’s cob. normally it’s rock n roll, but tonight — get your hip hop on
t-shirt design by Tyler Moody. “I Love Bruce Price”.
Moon Gate, 2009
Andy takes us up and over…
applying very wet cob to find a smooth surface
Parys Asher and Tucker — natural born cobbers. (Maureen too!)
check out all this support: Sandy Ceas, Ron Zito, Zara Brussel, Eben Casperson
imagining the north windbreak
tape two jars together at the mouth — bury it. viola!
oh! and we wanted blue too.
here we go!
still cobbing, still shaping
meet Sandy Ceas. she is a dear friend, colleague, and mentor. she is also an incredible artist and humanitarian. look for yourself— http://www.sandrajeanceas.com/
Ron Zito shaping. You should see his art: http://ronzito.com/ He’s all about the Eastern Plains, you won’t believe his paintings. great photos too.
Papa! surprise visit!!
did we mention Ozone is the Director?
David contributes the center piece.
there’s our bell! check out all the cool treasures.
Kayla and Maureen work to embed the objects into the arch gateway.
Alison, Ammon, Andrea, and Jacey share their experience working with cob
Kim, Arlo, and Alison packing some cob balls!
Andrea Moore, artist and activist in from Denver! you can tell she’s a cob enthusiast by her shades. Check out her work at http://www.andreamoorearts.com/ her work with the Wayfaring Band is incredible — you have to see http://thewayfaringband.com/
you can imagine what your house might look like if you built it by hand — a beautiful organic hand build sculpture. love the contrast of the poured sidewalk and the hand built cob gateway.
spirit wall
super builders
this was the edge before.
and after. (north side). much better!
our spiral tail needed an edge to match the mohawk.
to protect the cob from rain, we cover it in lime plaster and lime puddy — just like Greece. besides its function, its gorgeous
time to remove the arch support. the local town folks still think it could collapse…
and the boss is happy too!
Dalton the archeologist. if we’re not careful, we’ll lose those objects in the lime finish.
color mixing and design
bring on the color. (and oh! look at that shark fin mohawk. Yes!)
testing out the spiral bench. job well done!