This original design was inspired by that feeling you get when you just can't relate to those around you. When no matter how hard you try, they'll never be able to see the world through your eyes. Because you are Coii too, a Child of infinite intelligence.

100% fine jersey cotton American Apparel t-shirt with an original design by Coii. Text reads "You couldn't see the world through my eyes if I gave them to you..."

My Name is Atman and this is my song-writing resume. I am providing you with 7 songs as an example of my writing abilities. (Which are also free downloads for your enjoyment) My foundation for writing is poetry. I have always been passionate about writing and will do my best to provide you with great lyrics, choruses, and bridges. I will take my time to listen to your sound and what you represent to write a song that fits you. Lyrics will be royalty free and I will refer you to where you can get your music copyrighting. If you are interested in working together please send a brief email.

I can also connect to affordable and quality studio time with a separate entity.


(Photo From

“You’re a horrible person!”

Has anyone ever said these words to you?

Have you ever thought and said this about yourself?

You have done some horrible things in your life.

The memories continue to plague and find it nearly impossible to move forward with your life. (?)

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