Stuck In a Rutt…Now What?

It’s been one hell of a week huh guys!? I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the full effects of this Mercury Retrograde. If you’re not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, Click Here to learn more about why your life may have been in a shambles the past couple of weeks. But I’m exhausted, I’m exhausted with the news, I’m exhausted with our government, Carmelo cheating on LaLa, Steve Stephens, Aaron Hernandez, like bruh! And lately my cage has been rattling, forcing me to come to terms with a decision I have to make and I’m exhausted from that. I understand that life changes are going to happen and I’m the first to acknowledge that but let’s be real, that shit is terrifying, not to mention exhausting. We get so used to our routine and the cave we build for ourselves and the people we surround ourselves that we end up feeling ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ with this space we’ve created, it’s equivalent to not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because you’re in the ultimate blanket burrito and you don’t want to feel the cold once you pull those covers back. Um, Guilty!! *raises hand* As we develop and learn more about ourselves and what we like, our outlook on life will change as well, our friends will change, jobs, style, interests, you name it and that’s okay. Sometimes we have to separate ourselves from people and situations that are stopping us from growing no matter how uncomfortable or unexpected it might be. There’s a deeper force at work when a crossroad is reached representing the choices we have in our lives. Which road are you taking? Will it be the same path you’ve always walked? Will it be the easy road where you’re not challenged to become the best version of yourself? Or will it be that road less traveled that everyone is terrified to take because it’s hard?

Me? I was always one to take the easy road, and let me stop acting like I don’t still try too. Pfft, I didn’t want to get scrapes or get dirty, nope the easy lifestyle was perfectly fine with me. Totally content with no growing or challenging myself, sitting on the same couch day after day scratching my butt and belching out disappointments to people on IG for living their lives? Yup, oh what a life. But then I started to become restless, I started becoming bored with my every day routine, no change, no challenge, nothing keeping me on my toes, I was stagnant and my entire being was becoming starved. After a lot of digging and searching on what the source might be for my newly acquired restlessness I realized that sitting still was hurting me. Here I was, wishing and hoping for more things and more success but I wasn’t doing anything to change that, I wasn’t doing anything different. Same routine, work my 9–5, sit in my car, smoke weed, get lost on social media, go to bed. Bruh. Just kill me already, it would be much faster. Then I wondered why I was feeling so starved and frustrated, up until a couple of weeks ago I was avidly forming practices and curating a schedule that would help me get back on track. If adulthood has taught me one thing, and taught it to me HARD is that you literally have to be your own parent. It is entirely up to YOU to make good decisions about your life, what you eat, exercising, getting enough sleep and the like. All those things our parents made us do that we scoffed and rolled our eyes at like karate lessons we hated, being threatened by mom to sit at that got damn piano bench until she hears you play that whole got damn song, or endless hours playing catch with a parent or coach to perfect that fast ball, yes that shit was annoying but what we didn’t realize is that our parents were instilling balance into our lives. They were doing us a favor because they knew that in order for us to be well rounded, we needed to be challenged and work hard. Welp, we’re now on our own folk’s aaaaannnddd this is ridiculous. School does not prepare you for this bullshit called life! Wait, how many bills do I need to maintain just to function normally? What do you mean my whole paycheck is gone?! All I did was pay my rent! Yah, no one really tells you or walks you through those sucky parts so again, it’s up to you to parent yourself and grab the reigns of your destiny! Sorry, I can get cheesy sometimes, but the further along I go on this self-development journey, the more I realize the cheese is the best part. The cheese is stinky but it’s so real and there’s a reason why sayings like “take control of your destiny” are still around, because it is literally that easy!

So start with simple things like creating a schedule for yourself, for example, Mondays and Wednesdays I will walk for one hour after work, Tuesdays is laundry day, every Friday I will make sure to schedule lunch with a friend. It could literally be anything, you are the master….. of your destiny. Hehe.

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