#104: Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive (2001) — Dir. David Lynch

Part of the Top 150 Films series

A TV pilot that became a Cannes sensation. Naomi Watts’ audition scene. The creature behind Winkie’s. Dreams within nightmares within dreams. Fractured fractals freaking out. Crying in Spanish. “Crying” in Spanish. Laura Harring’s measured discombobulation at everything. Nothing makes sense. Who is Rita? Who is Betty? Who is Diane? Who is anyone? What does it mean? What does anything mean? Does it matter? What’s in the box? Why are there so many questions upon questions, both in the film and in this capsule? Let’s bring it back to reality. Ha! And yet Mulholland Drive may be among the most ‘real’ Lynchian films in terms of the emotional impact on display. A movie about movies which is comforting and optimistic, horrifying and upsetting. A big, bold, beautiful lie. A study in dualities. Where hasn’t that been done before? Where has it been done so well? Again with all the questions. Silencio!