There’s basically three different ways to deliver a website these days.

  • Hosted: Services like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and countless more fall under the “Hosted” banner. The appeal is that that you can build a website without having to know how to code. The disadvantage is that these sites come with limited customizability and if a feature doesn’t exist, there’s usually no way to add it in. (Just try figuring out how to auto-upload to Squarespace for example.) Because these services all rely on proprietary technology, it’s hard to know how they operate under the hood. …

So I’ve got this idea called Wünderbucket. It’s simple static web hosting for designer / developers who can only write HTML & CSS. I really want to build an app that’s sustainable. And for me sustainable means cheap.

I need a system that:

  • Costs nothing if nobody is using it. If my idea sucks or it takes me longer to find users then I think, I don’t want to be paying for resources that I’m not using.
  • Scales up automatically to meet demand. If my idea connects and people start registering, I don’t want to hit bottlenecks. …

Wroclaw, Poland. Home base for Droplr’s web engineering team. This place doesn’t suck.

TLDR: Build your next development team in Poland. I did it and it was awesome.

Three years ago Droplr was in a tough spot: We’d raised a round of money and we needed to scale our development team. I was the CTO and I lived in Northern California about two hours outside of Silicon Valley. The plan was to build a team in my town. We rented out a nice office space, made the obligatory trip to Ikea, and started posting on job boards. That’s when stuff went south: We couldn’t find any good engineers. We didn’t get many applicants…

In 2015 I walked away from social media. What had once been a cheerful online community had become something like downtown Oakland after the Raiders lost the Superbowl. From what I can tell it hasn’t gotten much better since I left. Even worse, like so many others, I began to question the underlying morality of these behemoth platforms. Frankly, I still believe they encourage unhealthy behavior and media addiction.

But today, in 2019, I find myself in a place where I need to step back online in some capacity. …

How to pick the right tech stack for your startup

Behold! The One True Tech Stack!

Ugly but effective

You know what sucks? The LAMP stack. On almost every front, it’s a lousy web stack. There’s a real sense of shame attached to the label “PHP developer”. But you know what powered some of the most insanely successful startups in the last ten years? The LAMP stack.

As a technical founder, your job isn’t to pick the “best” web technologies, it’s to pick adequate technologies that will make you best. What is the stack that will be fastest for you to ship a product? If you can whip up…

How big tech makes free labor hip and very, very profitable.

What does big tech (Facebook / Google / Twitter ) offer? If I had to pay for these services, how would I justify this expense?

If you had to pay for social media, how would you justify the expense?

Because of the free nature of these platforms, I suspect that we rarely ask ourselves this question. They’ve achieved such dominance, they’re so firmly embedded in our habits and routines, the question almost sounds like nonsense.

But as I started to consider the countless hours and days spent scrolling through…

The very first app I ever built was for a Mac. I hacked the source of Audioscrobbler and built myself a little app that would read what I was listening to on iTunes and update a “currently listening” widget on my MySpace page. Yeah. That was a long time ago.

A lot has changed since then. Lots of it for the better. (People complain about Xcode now but, holy cow, you should have seen it 10 years ago.) But as someone who’s been doing this for a while, I’ve become concerned about what I’m seeing in the Mac world today.

Levi Nunnink

Indie Hacker. Formerly Co-Founder @ Droplr & Riskalyze. Sometimes I write and speak about software stuff. You can learn more about me at:

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