When and Why to Get Dental Implants in Toronto

Dental hygiene is a very important part of our everyday lives, and maintaining good oral care is part of a healthy lifestyle. But even with great oral hygiene, accidents can happen that could severely damage your teeth. Also, as you get older, teeth are often not as strong and even with having maintained good oral hygiene for your entire life, health issues can cause your teeth to begin to deteriorate and even fall out completely. There are several options for teeth restoration and replacement, and getting dental implants in Toronto is really one of the best solutions.


Dental implants are a great solution for replacing missing teeth. Teeth can often be knocked out from rough play, or eating hard foods, and if the tooth is lost or damaged, it may not be able to be put back in. Getting dental implants in Toronto is a great solution in this situation, as they are permanent and enable very natural looking crowns to be permanently attached, so if teeth are lost at a young age, dental implants can supply you with a lifetime of attractive and fully functional teeth.


With age, the strength of your teeth diminishes, which often eventually results in either some un-appealing damaged, or decayed teeth, or missing teeth altogether. With missing teeth, leaving unfilled spaces in your mouth causes remaining teeth to move, and your jaw to shrink, which greatly ages your face. There are many other semi-permanent teeth replacement methods such as partial or full dentures, as well as bridges, but implants are the best method, as they replace missing roots in the jaw.

Unappealing or Awkward Teeth

There are times where some of one’s teeth may not fit very well with the others because of a bizarre shape or angle. People often get orthodontia, such as braces, to straighten these teeth, but braces cannot fix severely misaligned teeth, with the root at a sharp angle. In this case, getting dental implants in Toronto can be a great solution, as they are stable, comfortable, long-lasting, and, when combined with a crown, have a very natural appearance.

Just be sure to consult your dentist, or periodontist about your unique situation and discuss whether dental implants are the solution for you.