Schools want students to be creative, but only on a Thursday afternoon
Tom Barrett

“teachers dislike personality traits associated with creativity. Research has indicated that teachers prefer traits that seem to run counter to creativity, such as conformity and unquestioning acceptance of authority” Interesting data from the research on the traits of the teacher when you consider that most teachers land in the job highly influenced by the teachers they were exposed to at school. I’d suggest that people who have traits that are more conducive to creativity don’t end up in teaching. And why would they given that their understandings about the role (and associated traits) of both the student and the teacher are highly developed. When you think about it, teaching is unique in that it it is a profession that has 13 years of full time work experience prior to selecting it as a career. By the time people choose to be teachers they know exactly what the role is about.

One reason change is so slow in education in my opinion.

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