Legal Tech StartUp Focus — A New Social Network for the Legal Tech Startup Community

I recently founded Legal Tech StartUp Focus, an online social network exclusively for people interested in legal tech startups. Here, together with a little bit of personal background information, I explain why I founded Legal Tech StartUp Focus and why I think you should join if you’re a VC, founder, technology user law professor or law student involved with legal tech.

I practiced corporate law in NYC for almost 40 years, spending many of those years representing VC’s and startups. Rubbing elbows with early-stage companies and being a techie myself, I advocated strongly for including legal tech in my firm’s practice. Frankly, I did so mostly out of self-interest; believing that, by incorporating legal tech into my workflow, I could lessen the amount of grunt work that even a senior lawyer like myself had to deal with in practice. Sadly, I often received only lukewarm support for my advocacy from my law firm colleagues.

Yet, despite the inroads that legal tech has made since I left practice four years ago — inroads into how lawyers practice law and how their firms and legal departments deliver legal services — and despite the many tweets, blog posts and podcasts that are now devoted to the legal technology itself, I can’t find a forum where founders, VC’s, legal tech users and others interested in legal tech can gather to ask, and seek answers to, questions unique to the legal tech startups world.

What questions? Questions such as:

How do I, a VC: (i) understand the legal tech market — its size, its customers, its economics, its investment exit possibilities; and (ii) discover promising legal tech startups and get word out to those startups that I’m interested in investing in them?
How do I, a founder: (i) find out how best to advertise and market to legal tech users; (ii) discover how best to demo my product to law firms; (iii) learn how to address potential investor concerns about the legal tech market; and (iv) figure out the best ways to publicize my startup so news of its founding and its technology gets seen by people and companies who matter in legal tech?
How do I, a law firm tech committee lawyer or law firm CTO: (i) keep abreast of emerging legal tech products and services that might be relevant to my firm or my legal department’s practice; and (ii) discover legal tech startups that my firm or department might want to incubate or otherwise contribute to developmentally?
@How do I, a law professor or law student survey the legal tech startup scene when it comes to deciding how to incorporate legal tech into my law school curriculum or course of study?

What better way to pose and get answers to such questions, and also support the legal tech startup “cause,” than to join a social network — a community — that focuses solely on the participants in, and problems and opportunities pertinent to, legal tech startups. What better way to make friends and influence the thinking in the legal tech startup world than to participate actively in that community.

I’ve tried to contribute to that “better way” with the founding of Legal Tech StartUp Focus. But let’s not beat around the bush, while we’ve gotten off to a decent start (49 members since its founding a few months ago), Legal Tech StartUp Focus can’t realize its potential and make a dent in the legal tech startup world until its membership swells at least well into the hundreds (or more!). So, I ask you to go to this link, to join Legal Tech StartUp Focus, to contribute actively and to make our community a vibrant source of information and friendships for people investing in, working on and interested in legal tech startups.

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