Green Sock’s Animation Platform (GSAP) is the easiest and most powerful way to animate SVGs in Framer.

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A Little Background

There are a few articles out there on working with SVGs in Framer, most focus on what SVGs are, their various attributes, and the multiple ways of getting them into Framer. …

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In my previous post, I shared my comprehensive workflow for creating native mobile prototypes in Framer that responsively scale across devices with resolution ratios of ~1.778. Please read that post first, as this one will utilize 99% of its workflow. Building upon that workflow, here I am showing my solution for the two problems I experienced testing prototypes on Android devices. Many of the solutions I came up with in this workflow can also be applied to other platforms besides Android.

The need for these solutions comes from the success criteria I set for this project previously:

  1. The ability to reuse some code from the desktop prototypes, and in this case, iOS prototypes.
  2. Be responsive across multiple mobile devices. …

I have found that prototypes solve 99% of design problems. Whether reviewed with other designers, guerrilla tested on coworkers with limited knowledge of the project, or tested with users, if there is a problem in the design it will show up when prototyped. Framer is my prototyping tool of choice, for multiple reasons, the main reason being the ability to build prototypes that feel as close to a native application as possible. If you are new to Framer, learn more by checking out their website or download the free trial, as this post is rather technical.

My team does most of our user-testing with remote users on Many of our core customers primarily use our products within a desktop browser, but when trying to build and share “native feeling” mobile prototypes, members of my team ran into various problems. …


Andrew Cunliffe

Digital Product Designer / Ex-Army Paratrooper/

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