What Happened When The New York Times Tried To Profile Marissa Mayer
Stewart Ugelow

the media fountain

When I began my career at McGraw-Hill, I was told the company was like a fountain, you kept going up until you went out. In fact, I went up until I went out.

Belaboring the gender war angle as our reviewer does tends to ignore this fact of media coverage in general and tech coverage in particular. While without question Silicon Valley is a boys club, the New York Time’s nitpicking is far more symbolic of the journalist’s creed that no matter how stellar, the subject should always be packed for the downhill segment of the ride.

Mayer’s incredible success during her early years and the feeling that she was too young and too much of a naif ( the very characteristics that lead to superstardom) meant the hatchets and keyboards were lying in wait.

The irony is that Yahoo has never had it so good in an industry where the good times don’t roll, they rock and recede.

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