Clips of the Week

Congrats to all on our victories in the SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards for Region 1 — our six first-place winners mark a record for our J-School. We’ll soon learn whether any of the winners will advance to the national contest. In the meantime, check out more stories worthy of recognition:

Reem Nasr, working for CNBC, put together a package on how to get around government bans of websites.

Michaela Ross’ piece about tax refunds made Money.

Derek Scancarelli interviewed Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance fame — and snapped pictures of the musician getting a new tattoo — in a piece for Under the Gun Review.

YO S.O.S. — or Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets — begun in 2011, trains teens to be leaders and organizers in their neighborhood and mentors them on how to reverse trends in gun violence. (Photo by Pilar Belendez-Desha)

Pilar Belendez-Desha, on assignment for Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, wrote about a group that trains teens to be leaders in the fight against gun violence.

If you missed the latest broadcast of 219 West, you can catch it here. Contributors include: Reed Dunlea, Tionah Lee, Lucina Melesio, Alden Nusser, Naeisha Rose, Natasha Scully and Marguerite Ward.

Kiratiana Freelon interviewed President Obama’s step-grandmother for The Muslim Observer.

Alden Nusser and Yu Vongkiatkajorn covered a Thai New Years celebration in Queens for Voices of NY. Roxanne Scott reported on a vigil for the 150 students killed in the attack at Kenya’s Garissa University.

Jake Naughton shot the pictures for Al Jazeera’s look at the rough-and-tumble world of color guard competitions.

A young marcher rallied for cleaner and safer Mott Haven streets on April 18. (Photo by Patrick Donachie)

Patrick Donachie, on assignment for the Mott Haven Herald, covered a march for cleaner and safer streets.

“Not many people my age are able to work with a museum scientist.” Wendy Chou, 18, examines amber under a microscope at the American Museum of Natural History in the archaeological and genomics research lab. (Photo by Susan Watts)

Meral Agish’s Daily News story about mentoring girls for careers in STEM fields got a nice social media boost from Chirlane McCray. Allegra Abramo, Julia Alsop and María Villaseñor teamed on this report about the latest tenant lawsuit against NYCHA.

A residential boom in Long Island City is driving commercial demand (Photo by Arman Dzidzovic)

Terence Cullen, working for the Commercial Observer, wrote about the growing commercial real estate market in Long Island City.

Kristen Clark gathered audio for this New York Times Magazine package about shoe shiners. Oresti Tsonopolous worked with alum Fritze Andrade on this Times video about what to do in Honolulu.

In our alumni corner:

•Jessica Glazer produced an Earth Day-themed cooking video for NBC.

•Katie Honan, working for DNAInfo, revealed that the Department of Homeless Services’ headquarters overhaul included purchases of $429 chairs and 3-D televisions.

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!