Clips of the Week

As we enter the homestretch of the semester, our reporters are coming on strong. Check out some of our latest links:

Reed Dunlea’s New York Daily News video shows arrests made during local protests stemming from the Freddie Gray case.

Reed Dunlea’s video of arrests made during local protests stemming from the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore was part of a Daily News package that included contributions from alumni Laura Bult and Joe Stepansky.

Marguerite Ward, in a video for Voices of NY, talked to protesters about complaints over the loaded language used by some media outlets to describe the reaction to Gray’s death. Isabel Riofrio interviewed Jesús Hidalgo, a Venezuelan singer-songwriter who produces “medicine music.”

Students from the International Community High School in the South Bronx rally outside the gates of City Hall on April 15, 2015. (Photo by Maura Ewing)

Maura Ewing’s story about a push for expanded school sports offerings that apparently led to the ouster of a South Bronx educator found a home in The Nation.

Allison Fox and Maggie Freleng teamed on this NBC New York piece about Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital’s bid to become the first medical center in the city to offer gender reassignment surgery.

Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi (center) and Alicia Garza (right) hold up their fists in unison. All three ladies created this project to reach black folks. The Black Lives Matter movement is “one that could really find ways to nurture us and connect us in a world that doesn’t do that and dehumanizes us,” Garza said. (Photo by Black Alliance)

Deron Dalton interviewed three co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement for Madame Noire.

Emrys Eller’s private eye profile made The Village Voice.

The Castle on the Concourse will soon be demolished. (Photo by Joe Hirsch)

Pilar Belendez-Desha, on assignment for the Mott Haven Herald, reported on the planned demolition of a landmarked former school. Patrick Donachie wrote about an art exhibition in a former courthouse.

Some offerings from our Alumni Corner:

•Claudia Bracholdt produced this video about virtual reality and immersive journalism for Zeit Online.

•Madhura Karnik, working for Quartz, reported on the economic impact of the Nepal earthquakes.

•Nicholas Martinez’ story about using comedy to help teenagers cope with depression made Laughspin.

•Amy Yensi of WJZ TV, the CBS affiliate in Baltimore, reported on the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death.

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!