this shit’s weird

there’s some incredible people in this industry, whether they be people I know, or the work of people i admire from afar. some people impress me with what they put on the plate, Dan Wehling* or dan_double_u if you wanna find him on instagram is someone whos cooking some epic food, showcasing different ingredients, some people impress me with their attitude, my father for example works 50 hours a week outside of the 20 odd hours he does at the restaurant, but the only excuse he ever has when making mistakes is within his own ability. works for customer satisfaction, and only settles for the best. the other thing that impresses me, and above all else, is work rate, and work rate because you believe in someone elses vision.

i spent shit loads of time working in kitchens with people who couldn’t wait to become a breakfast chef, or had plans to study next year, or hated this and that, but there’s one guy who busts his ass day in and day out for mine and my families dream and thats big dog Josh. Josh has worked tirelessly throughout the past 7 months to adapt to the food and environment that we aim for compared to where he was. A big reason I wanted to bring Josh into the setup comes down to his ability to say yes, and even when he finds it hard to, which sometimes happens more than he should, at the end of the day trusts the judgement of superiors.

I bring this up because it’s something I could never do. I am, in this intense, who I hate. I used to question the decisions of chefs above me when asked to do something I didn’t agree with or challenge their ideas. Something this industry misses is enough people to say yes, and trust in the dream.

This shit is super hard. Josh makes it a lot easier for me in what he does, and at the end of the day, if you don’t work hard for people you respect, how will they respect you, right?

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