Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On

Before the take off of any flight, the mandatory safety presentation begins as a flight attendant talks about how to use the orange vest and blow the whistle, they soon move on to the possibility of a loss of air pressure within the cabin. At that point, they ask that when the masks fall down in front of you to please properly adjust your mask before assisting others.

We would like to think that it is common sense to put on your oxygen masks first, so that you will be able to help those around you right? Well, similarly to how many of us try to help out our friends, family, and community, we often seem to forget about how important it is to take care of ourselves.

Okay, putting the metaphor aside… The main topics we will be exploring are scheduling and time management. These topics are vital to our success not only as college students, but also as individuals.

Learn more about your daily behavior:
(Don’t worry! Think of it as a personality quiz there are no wrong answers :)

In order for everyone to reflect on the results of the quiz, I have provided a ASAPScience video for you all to watch until 2:20.

After taking the quiz, write a brief medium post about whether or not the result was surprising, and include comparisons of how well it fits your current day to day schedules. What is your most productive time of day?

When posting please use the hashtag #oxygenmask

Please be prepared to discuss your quiz results, brainstorm your ideal fall 2017 schedule, intended major, and participate in class activities. I hope to help my fellow classmates (that’s you! ♡) prioritize themselves and their goals in the coming school year. :)

*if you are a professor :) please enjoy this throwback to the perspective of a student! ♡

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