That K-Pop Video Aesthetic

What aspects did the MV’s share? What aspects did they differ in?

While watching EXO’s and the Girl’s Generation music videos, I could tell that they both were on drastically different sides of the visual spectrum. What I mean is, EXO’s video begins with a legend like story with dark deep roots. The video uses gray tones and high contrast to evoke feelings of intensity. The guys are also dressed in mainly dark color clothing which we automatically associate with seriousness and danger. However, the Girl’s Generation video already felt brighter, more inviting and much less intense. It felt more “beautiful” because the colors were highly saturated and it just seemed like a more fun video in general. They were also had more inviting locations as backgrounds allowing me to feel happier.

Both music videos were similar in that they have many well choreographed scenes. They also both contained many costume changes and a few background changes. I believe they change the camera angle quite frequently to keep the viewers engaged.

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